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This article contains spoilers for The Wicked + The Divine 1831. Read at your own risk.

The 1830s Recurrence featured the gods as famous Romantics. This included Lucifer as Lord Byron, Woden as Mary Shelley and the Morrigan as Percy Shelley.[1] They are the subject of The Wicked + The Divine 1831, the first special in the series.

1830s PantheonEdit

Known members of the 1830s Pantheon include:

God Notes
"The Angel of Soho" Also known as Urizen, Enitharmon and Orc. Based on William Blake.
Hades Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. He is based on Keats, and died in 1831.
Hestia Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth. Based on Jane Austen.
Inanna Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love. She appeared in the form of Claire Clairmont, and was the final member of the Pantheon to die.
"The Lonely Sisters" Unknown triple goddess based on the Bronte sisters.
Lucifer Lucifer is the Christian devil. He appeared in the form of Lord Byron, and died in 1831.
Morpheus Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams. Based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
The Morrigan The Morrigan is the Irish god of death in battle. He appeared in the form of Percy Bysshe Shelley, and died in 1831.
Perun Perun is the Slavic god of thunder and lightning. Based on Alexander Pushkin.
Thoth Thoth is the Egyptian god of knowledge. Based on Edgar Allan Poe.
Woden Woden is the Norse god of wisdom. She appeared in the form of Mary Shelley, and died in 1831.

The identity of the twelfth god is unknown.


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