Ananke-spoiler "Once again, we return."

This article contains spoilers for 455 AD. Read at your own risk.

Baal Hammon is a Carthaginian weather god and one of the gods of the Recurrence. He is known to have appeared during the 450s Recurrence.


Baal Hammon's death probably occurred sometime in the summer of 454,[1] and was witnessed by Geiseric, King of the Vandals. His skin split and his bones burst through, but he did not scream very much.

During the 2010s Recurrence, Cassandra Igarashi initially suspected Baal of being Baal Hammon, but he was actually Baal Hadad.


In the opinion of Ananke, Baal was "better" than Lucifer, as he had more faith.


Baal's powers are unknown, but he caused Geiseric to feel as if his body was "consumed with holy fire".


Baal Hammon was a weather god and the chief god of Carthage. He is known for being involved with child sacrifice.


  1. According to Geiseric, he saw Baal the summer before Lucifer's takeover of Rome, which occurred in 455.