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Set, as she kills Urdr and Skuld[src]
Disintegration is one of the miracles displayed by the gods of the Pantheon. It is the power to destroy something in a near-molecular level, either being it physical, solid matter or being organic tissue.

The Norns performed this miracle once, destroying the DJ booth in which Woden was standing.[1] However, previously, they were noted as having little combat abilities,[2] and given the circumstances of the use, it's possible they can only use it when all three are deeply angered.

Ananke and Set both murdered other people by destroying their physical bodies and leaving nothing behind. Ananke did this to Minerva's parents and threatened to do the same to Amaterasu before she fled the scene.[3] In 1923, once the Norns finished their job with Woden's machine, Set destroyed their physical bodies at the moment the other four gods arrived at the lighthouse.[4]

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