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"I'm one who builds."
Jon Blake is a teenage boy who became involved in the 2010s Recurrence against his will. Joining the Pantheon as the god Mimir, he was secretly subjected to the control of Ananke and his father, David Blake.


Jon's mother left him when he was young, and he was thereafter raised solely by his father, David Blake. His father was an academic interested in the Recurrence, and took Jon to a lot of conferences with him, including Ragnarock 2013.

Around the beginning of the 2010s Recurrence, Jon had a meeting with Ananke, who he believed to be a therapist. She asked him questions about himself, but once it became clear she wouldn't be able to manipulate him, realised that he would be unsuitable for the Pantheon. Instead, she struck a deal with his father, unbeknownst to Jon. David would take Jon's place in the Pantheon by assuming the identity of Woden, while Jon would be under his control and forced to make things for them. A few days later, she showed up in their back garden and turned Jon into Mimir. Jon was unwilling to join the Pantheon, and rushed back inside to tell his father. However, when his back was turned, David came at him with a dagger. Jon woke up later overhearing a conversation between Ananke and his father, who by this point was dressed as Woden. Ananke promised David all the benefits that came from Jon's newfound divinity and gave him into his power. She would not sacrifice Jon before his time, and in return, David would fully cooperate with her and do her bidding. When she left, David reassured Jon that he didn't trust her and wouldn't let her have him.

David kept Jon prisoner in a hidden room in Valhalla and forced him to make things according to his and Ananke's specifications. This included weapons, accessories that enabled him to spy on the other gods, and a mysterious machine for Ananke. Jon had no way of escaping, but managed to slip a beeping machine in amongst the other items in the hope that it would lead someone to him. Eventually, Persephone and Urdr used it to discover the secret lair, but Woden showed up there shortly afterwards and trapped them in the room with Jon. Jon told them his story, and once his father left, asked them to free him from the chair he was strapped into. As they undid the straps, however, they discovered that his head detached from his body.


Jon is mixed race: half-Asian, half-white. He has short black hair, and wears a black suit with glowing blue lines, similar to his father's. He also wears a pronged helmet that obscures his face.


Jon is based on Mímir, Norse god of knowledge and wisdom. Mímir was beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War, and his head was subsequently carried around by Odin so he could give him counsel. Mímir's well is located beneath Yggdrasil, and Odin sacrificed an eye in exchange for the wisdom a drink from the well offered.


By Jon

"I was working to their plans. Getting something of my own in there which they'd miss was nearly impossible. It was the best I could do. It...was a small hope. Hope was all I had."
—Jon, about the beeping machine[src]

About Jon

"You are of the Pantheon. You will be loved. You will be hated. You will be brilliant. Within two years, you will be dead. You walked among your foes for the sake of love. Struck down you are raised up, the sky king's grandest treasure. The well of your soul. Your mind."


Woden: "I won't let her get you."
Jon: "After everything?...Of course you won't."
―Woden and Jon, about Ananke[src]
Ananke: "What do you truly wish?"
Jon: "To find my own magnetic north. Hell, not even that. Magnetic north isn't finding your magnetic north. It's letting a bunch of electromagnetic waves decide a direction for you."
―Ananke and Jon[src]
Ananke: "There are those who bend. There are those who break. Which are you?"
Jon: "I'm one who builds."
Ananke: "That was not an option."
Jon: "I'm one who's never going to accept that the two options I'm offered are the only I'm one who builds."
―Ananke and Jon[src]
Urdr: "So...Jon, or do you prefer Mimir?"
Jon: "Anything but Mimir. Anything."
―Urdr and Jon[src]



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Imperial Phase (Part II)Edit

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