"Do you know what a miracle is? It is beyond explanation."

After ascending from their human form, gods can perform miracles. Such abilities seem magic based in nature, given the context and lack of any scientific explanation behind the process in which they gain such powers. The full extent of the power in each god is uncertain, for each god typically performs very unique miracles.

Miracles can be performed in a variety of ways, most notable being the finger click. "One. Two. Three. Four" also appears to be a common phrase linked to the miracles, specifically those performed by Lucifer.

Beyond the physical changes that occur during the incarnations, miracles take the form of vastly powerful superhuman powers, including (though not limited to):

  • Pyrokinesis: Associated with fire gods, it is the ability to generate and manipulate fire to varying degrees. Examples: Lucifer's signature thumb flame; Lucifer's wall of fire; Baphomet's fire generation; Sakhmet's fire generation.
  • Solar Manipulation: Associated with sun gods, it grants various abilities related to solar energy. Examples: Amaterasu's solar energy generation; Travelling by Sunlight.
  • Electrokinesis: Associated with lightning gods, it allows the user to generate and manipulate lighting/electricity to varying degrees. Examples: Baal's lightning generation and manipulation; Travelling via lightning; Charging electric based vehicles.
  • Death Communication: Only shown in one instance with Baphomet, the true legitimacy of this ability is still unknown but on some level the user can communicate with the dead.
  • Resurrection or near-death resuscitation: Only shown with Gentle Annie, who claims that one exposed to such a miracle is simply "sleepy." It allows the user the ability to resurrect someone that has recently died or resuscitate those who are near-death.
  • Shapeshifting: The Morrigan is capable of transforming into a flock of crows.
  • Power bestowal: Both Ananke and Woden are capable of granting power, both in varying degrees. Ananke's control allows the ascension of gods, while Woden is incapable of granting himself power he can give power to others, usually through technological miracle enhancement.
  • Life manipulation (possibly another form of resurrection): The true extent and nature of such an ability is not known, but it is possibly one of the most powerful miracles performed. It was seen when Lucifer (1830s Pantheon) appeared to have used the severed hand of Hades to resurrect him, but instead produced a creature of unknown potential.

Gods are also capable of using their miracles to "perform" in various ways, unique to each god. They affect their audiences in many ways depending on each individual, some of which are shown to be immune to most, such as Cassandra; however, Persephone was capable of affecting her.