Ragnarock is an annual fan convention for people interested in the Recurrence. It has been run by David Blake since 2003.[1] It usually features panels and lectures from Pantheon experts, but was transformed into a massive concert for 2014.

Past RagnarocksEdit

Ragnarock 2013Edit

Ragnarock 2013 anticipated the upcoming Recurrence, and debated whether the current generation deserved a Pantheon. This led to some disagreement between Laura Wilson and David Blake. It was very small in comparison to the following Ragnarock.

Ragnarock 2014Edit

Ragnarock 2014 took place during the 2014 Recurrence, and therefore attracted a lot more interest than previous Ragnarocks. Woden, following orders from Ananke, turned it into a huge concert that featured performances from all the gods. However, it was disrupted by Baphomet and The Morrigan.


  1. In Issue 6, Blake says he has run Ragnarock for the past ten years.