The Wilson family consists of Laura Wilson, her parents, and her sister Jenny. All except Laura were murdered by Ananke in an attack on their house.


Laura WilsonEdit

Laura Wilson is a seventeen year old girl who became obsessed with the gods of the 2010s Recurrence. She befriended them and eventually joined their number as Persephone.

Laura's parentsEdit

Laura's parents were concerned about her involvement with The Pantheon, and tried to shield her from the press when they became aware of her dealings with them. Her mother used to be into rave culture, and her father was in a band in the 90s, but only made it as far as Camden. He later became an electrician. They were both killed by Ananke in an explosion after they witnessed Inanna's murder.

Jenny WilsonEdit

Jenny Wilson was Laura's younger sister. She was an innocent casualty of Laura's feud with Ananke, having been asleep in the house when it exploded. Her death provided the impetus for Laura to kill Ananke.