"Didn't mean to hurt her that much"
Wind Manipulation is one of the miracles displayed by the gods of the Pantheon. It is the ability to control and manipulate the wind.

It had very few displays. The first, by Minerva, showed her making use of it in the form of a powerful gust of wind. Based on Minerva's comment, it is likely a very powerful miracle to use, since she didn't meant to cause actual harm and the resulting gust broke several of her bones.[1]

The second display, in 1923, showed Set making use of wind to create a barrier to protect herself from attacks during the battle of the lighthouse. In this case, this miracle also seems very powerful to use, since Set's simple shield was capable of not only blocking Amaterasu and Amon-Ra's attacks at the same time, but also reflect them.[2] Also, when they were traveling to the lighthouse, Minerva was seemingly taming the wind for the boat to travel through the storm caused by the ritual. Sakhmet also seemingly displayed this miracle when she opened a window[3] and the Norns when they opened the doors of Valhalla.

References Edit

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  • It is unclear if this miracle exists as of itself, considering that it's uses by Minerva and Set are questionable in nature, as Minerva's gust also could be a beam of invisible energy, and due to the coloring, the exact nature of Set's shield is unclear.

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