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"The world isn't how things should be. Would be good to have a better world. But I'm not going to live to see it, so fuck everyone. Ideally, literally."

Woden is one of the gods of the Recurrence, symbolised by a winged helmet. He is known to have appeared during the 1830s and 2010s Recurrences.


Before godhoodEdit

Little is known about Woden's life prior to joining the Pantheon. His mother ceased to be involved in his life when he was six, and from then on, he was raised by his father. He was not a good parent.

Becoming a godEdit

Woden's incarnation took place in late 2013, while he was at university. Unlike the other gods, he did not receive powers, and his attempts to give himself some dramatically backfired. This resulted in his face becoming disfigured or scarred in some way, forcing him to wear a helmet. Instead, he created a group known as the Valkyries, to whom he granted the power he was unable to wield himself, selecting only Asian women. Laura said she knew all of the Valkyries' names, and had seen most of them perform. Brunhilde was the most popular of these, but she was caught on camera confirming that the Valkyries performed sexual acts for Woden, and so she was banished from the group.

Woden often crafted items for the other gods, and gave Amaterasu a ring which he told her had belonged to the 1920s Amaterasu. In reality, it was a scrying device he had created, and he used it to watch Lucifer's trial with Ananke. He therefore witnessed Ananke murder Judge Holmes and helped her engineer Lucifer's death. He was the only person aware of Ananke's plans. He built Valhalla at her command, and transformed Ragnarock into a massive concert. 

After Lucifer's deathEdit

At Fantheon, Woden interrupted a talk by ex-Valkyrie Brunhilde, offering to allow her to return to the group if she took back the rumours she had been spreading. However, when she did so he destroyed the offered Valkyrie suit in front of her, humiliating her. He defended these actions to Laura afterwards, saying that he had no time to be nice. Brunhilde then attacked him with a gun, attempting the Prometheus Gambit. He was saved by Minerva; however, even after this he was dismissive towards her.

Woden interfered with Cassandra's investigation into the interview shooting at Ananke's request. At one of Dionysus's parties, Woden refused to join the dancing, and later made Cassandra an offer of her "dream job". This turned out to be an opportunity to interview Ananke. He allowed Cassandra to discover the perpetrators of the shooting, knowing that it would confirm her belief that Lucifer was guilty and therefore prevent her from finding out the truth. Later, when Baphomet went on the rampage, he locked himself up in Valhalla, guarded by the Valkyries. Ananke then arrived and told him to move Inanna's body. 

Woden helped Baal capture the Morrigan following Inanna's death. He made a cage to contain her, causing Minerva to question why he didn't do the same for Lucifer. He was aware that Tara's death had also been orchestrated by Ananke.

On 18 August 2014, he recounted his and Ananke's crimes to a mysterious helmeted figure, promising to protect them from Ananke.

Divisions within the PantheonEdit

Woden built Ananke a mysterious device which she claimed was a birthday present for Minerva. Woden himself didn't know what it was. He asked Ananke if Minerva was going to be the fourth death, which she denied. He then received an alert that a new god had emerged, and he went after her with Ananke, Sakhmet and the Valkyries. Before they arrived, they sent a bomb to the bar where she was performing, hoping to pin the explosion on the new god. Woden was shocked to learn this god was actually Laura Wilson, now calling herself Persephone. A battle ensued, but Persephone escaped. He and Ananke then realised that it had been a diversion and immediately returned to Valhalla, where they found Baphomet, Morrigan and Minerva trying to escape. Persephone showed up once more and got them out of there, breaking through the walls of Valhalla in the process.

However, the conflict did not end there, as the other gods retrieved Minerva and returned to Valhalla, where they continued to fight Persephone's faction. Ananke commanded Woden to prepare the machine and he sent an upgraded version of the Valkyries out into battle. Woden was reluctant to help Ananke upon realising that she did, in fact, plan to kill Minerva, but acceded when she threatened him. Meanwhile, the Valkyries were losing the battle outside, so he sent out a new suit of Valkryie armour, which combined the other Valkryies into one colossal being.

However, Woden remained uneasy about the plan to kill Minerva, though he feared Ananke's retribution should she realise he disobeyed her. He therefore gave a "supervillain speech" as he was fighting Dionysus, explaining how to defeat the Valkyries while maintaining plausible deniability. Dionysus took the hint and shut down the giant Valkyrie. Woden sat out the rest of the battle, showing up after Persephone killed Ananke. He questioned the "necessity" of covering up the incident, drawing unfavourable parallels with Ananke's own reasoning.

Following this incident, Woden was interviewed for the November 2014 edition of Pantheon Monthly. He talked about his relationship with his parents and his bitterness about his life. He also shows the interviewer his new project, an attempt to mimic Persephone's performances.


Woden always wears a mask and dresses in futuristic clothing, which is black with glowing green stripes. His appearance under the mask is unknown, although it is implied that he is disfigured or scarred.

In the image on the cover of Issue 7, the word "Wodan" appears in runes on Woden's helmet. The runes run backwards, suggesting that they are either a reflection or supposed to be read from the inside.


Woden is resentful of his own lack of magic and the fact that he does not get to be in the spotlight like the other gods, saying that he would kill them to take their powers if it were possible. He is extremely racist and misogynistic, and fetishises Asian women. Woden is completely aware of his despicable nature and consequently has a lot of self-loathing.



Woden worked with Ananke and aided her in her schemes. He helped her orchestrate and cover up many deaths. However, Ananke held all the power in their relationship, and Woden knew that she would kill him if he didn't help her.


The Valkyries are dependent on Woden for their powers, and as such, follow his orders at all times. Woden fetishises them and forces them to perform sexual acts for him, sometimes dressed up as Lucifer and Amaterasu. His favourite Valkyrie was Brunhilde, but he kicked her out and humiliated her after she spread damaging rumours about him. He has absolutely no respect for them and has described them as "pathetic".


Woden considers Dionysus an enemy. Dionysus, in return, despises Woden.

Other relationshipsEdit

Woden claims he likes the rest of the Pantheon, though he envies their powers.


Power bestowal:

  • Woden's only known ability is granting power to others via various items.
  • A major drawback of his power was shown when he tried to grant himself power, which is now the reason he wears his protective suit. He has also worn an armoured suit fitted with a rifle of some kind that is capable of firing energy bolts.
  • So far he has created numerous technological enhancements and items, most notably the suits and weaponry worn by the Valkyries. Woden's suit appears to be where he gains access to the Bifrost, which he can summon at will to teleport anywhere (besides the Underground) or use to watch events currently taking place. The Bifrost's appearance ranges from multicoloured portals to coloured spotlight portals.
  • He has also crafted Minerva's owl, which has various useful properties and functions.
  • Other items Woden has created include Amaterasu's jewellery, which he is able to scry through, and Baal's lightning necklace.
  • He gave Amaterasu the ability to travel by starlight in a similar manner to Inanna through her arm -piece.
  • Woden is also responsible for the construction of Ananke's machine, which has a purpose yet to be fully discovered.

Past RecurrencesEdit

1830s RecurrenceEdit

Woden appeared in the 1830s Recurrence in the form of Mary Shelley, and was one of the final four gods to die, alongside Lucifer, Inanna and the Morrigan. She was the sister of Inanna and the wife of Morrigan, but their marriage cooled considerably following the deaths of each of their three babies. Unbeknownst to her, their children had actually been killed by her jealous sister in exchange for divinity.

Woden travelled with her fellow surviving gods to Lake Geneva in 1831, whiling away the final days of their lives. One night, Ananke arrived and delivered the severed hand of a recently killed Hades, which Lucifer and Morrigan proposed to use to attempt a resurrection. However, this plan backfired spectacularly, as they instead created an entirely new Creature, which immediately killed them both. Recognising that the Creature deserved life, Woden sacrificed herself to subdue it, removing its hunger for taking lives. The Creature took on her appearance as a result and disappeared.

Two Recurrences later, Cassandra and Laura viewed a portrait of the 1830s Woden in the National Portrait Gallery. This portrait is based on a real portrait of Mary Shelley.[1]


Woden is based on the Norse god Odin, a god of wisdom, magic, battle, poetry and death. Odin is a highly respected god, and is the ruler of Valhalla, where the valkyries bring half the warriors killed in battle. He is often accompanied by his ravens, Huginn and Muninn, who bring him information from across the world, and his wolves, Geri and Freki. Odin continually seeks knowledge, and famously sacrificed an eye in order to gain wisdom. Wednesday is named for him.


By Woden

"I have two years to live. I haven't got time for truth. Surely what happened to Lucifer would have taught you that truth is the last thing anyone cares about?"
"The Gambit is a lie. You know how I know that? Because if "Prometheus" was true I'd be killing gods myself. I'd kill to be any of them rather than me."
"I don't dance. I watch."
"People get the wrong idea. I'm not just into Asian girls. I'm into Asian girls in public. In private, my interests extend to girls dressed up as Asian gods and girls dressed up as gods who I helped murder. I know this is fucked up, but these are the times I don't regret giving up my face. "How can I do it?" It's easy. You take women and just forget that they're people. It's not hard."
"I don't know who's next. But someone's next. She's picking up the tempo."
—Woden, about Ananke[src]
"Let's go straight to the live show."
"What was the Pratchett line? Turning people into things is the only sin. I want to make it easier for people to turn me into a thing. I want to dehumanise myself. I've built this little myth around myself, and I play up to it. But I'm not scary. I'm scared."
"People should be scared of scared people. They'll fuck you up."
"I am not kinder because there is no reward for kindness. I've read a lot. I know the arguments, but it all just crumbles at the fact we live in a world that could make us nothing any second. Gods come back every 90 years, but you mortals are just dead. There is no reward. So take everything you can."
"I know why 90% of the shit I do is wrong. My problem is just... why not? I can't think of a good reason any more. Or at least no reason good enough to stick."

About Woden

"You are of the Pantheon. You will not be loved. You will be hated. You should be hated. You are living shit."


Woden: "No, you don't have what it takes to be a Valkyrie."
Laura: "Because I'm not over 5'8" and Asian?"
Woden: "Exactly. And don't say it's racist. I'm working on an aesthetic. It's complicated. You wouldn't understand."
―Woden and Laura[src]
Woden: "I think you've mistaken me for your serf."
Ananke: "I have lived long enough to have known actual serfs. You are not a serf. You are considerably lower than a serf. You are but the pet of a god. We both know exactly what you are."
―Woden and Ananke[src]
Cassandra: "You're not stupid, are you? Just evil."
Woden: "Correct. And if you know you're wrong, it's even worse."
―Cassandra and Woden[src]


  • Woden's costume is inspired by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk.
  • Woden is the "producer-metaphor" god.[2]
  • Woden's dialogue appears in black rectangular speech bubbles with green text.
  • Woden's favourite TV show is Game of Thrones.



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  2. Kieron Gillen on Tumblr

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